Are You Stressed?

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             Well, who is not stressed?  It’s just not work or outside. Most of the time, it’s more at home. Isn’t it? If you are thinking, i have a magic pill then no, i don’t. And there’s no way you can avoid all stress. So what can you do? Here’s few of my suggestions:

  • Do something you enjoy everyday at least for 5 mins. It could be singing, painting, reading etc. Everyone can find 5 mins before going to bed. Or cut back 5 mins from your TV time to do something creative.
  • 5 mins in the morning, close your eyes and sit down in silence. You can sit in your home temple, garden or any quite place in your home. Find a spot that you can use everyday and tell others to not disturb you for 5 mins and keep same time everyday. That way it’s easier and becomes routine.
  • Take a walk in nature. Now don’t go around town looking for a nice place and stress yourself out. It could be just your community. Check out landscapes or watch moon, stars or listen to chirping birds.
  • Once a month, get massage or acupuncture or whatever you enjoy.
  • Have a few hobbies. It’s a good time to start working on garden now. It’s wonderful to see things growing no matter how small. It doesn’t need so much work as many ppl think. I love to visit my small garden everyday after work in summer.
  • Whatever you do, enjoy. Find a way to have fun !

So idea is not to let things build up. Reset everything everyday, every weekend and month. And make sure your bowel is moving everyday too or eat some prunes. 🙂

Pictures are from the Portland japanese garden in Oregon where i visited a friend. And we had a wonderful time together. Friends are also stress buster. So spend time with friends and enjoy !