Amla – Indian Goosberry Chutney


  • Amla is praised in Ayurveda since it has 5 of 6 taste which is rare.  It’s very sour, little bitter, astringent, after chewing it’s sweet, pungent I didn’t feel.  It’s rich in vitamin c and it’s vitamin c is heat stable . And have no way to prove it.:)
  • I was looking for a way to include it in diet without so much sugar or oil. Found frozen bag in Indian store.
  • So made chutney with coconut, cilantro and green chili. I boiled Amla 3-4 mins with little water so it was easy remove pit and used left over water while grinding.
  • I think I used little too many amla so chutney was little more sour. So use only 1 or 2 Amla first time you make it since it has very strong taste.
  • I love it’s sweet taste afterwards. Will have to find more ways to use it and will post if find a better way.
  • If you have never tried Amla before, do try it. It’s an experience on its own to experience all flavors at the same time. Life is abt all experiences , isn’t it?  Just don’t label them good or bad.
  • Enjoy Amla and Life !

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