Crowder Peas With Mustard Greens – Spring Meal


  •  Greens are so cheap, looks nice fresh green  and plenty in grocery stores right now in spring.  I end up buying bunches and have to come up with ideas to use it.
  •  Mustard greens go with well with Crowder or Black eye peas. Well, i just leanred.
  •  I have been trying to cook greens in a better way so nutrition stays and everything is not over cooked. Here’s what i did:
  • Cook frozen peas with hot water and little salt first on the stove. When they are almost done, add chopped fresh mustard greens. Greens need very little time to cook so add them at the very end.
  • On the side, in a tiny seasoning container, heat oil, add mustard and/or cumin seeds, 1 torn red chilli , ginger-garlic paste and add to the cooking mixture.
  • Adjust salt and that’s it. No over cooking. Make, eat and be done. No reason to heat it again.
  • If you don’t have indian spices or don’t like it then still boil peas, add mustard greens and for seasoning add salt, pepper and little good olive oil. I think it will taste good.
  • So take advantage of all spring greens nature is growing abundantly.
  • Enjoy !

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