Baked Undhiyu


      First of all, you don’t need to be surti, gujarati or even indian to make this undhiyu. Basically it’s baked vegetables with spices and no matter how you will make it, it will taste out of the world. Just add little love meaning coconut and oil. 🙂

Obviously i am not making it traditional  way and it still tasted soo good that couldn’t wait to share with you all. In Gujarat, it’s a popular dish served in wedding and loaded with oil. But here we will make it healthier and easy. Idea is not mine but my friend R’s who made it when i visited her. She made it while we  were chatting around kitchen table and i didn’t pay attention on how she did it. But i took picture after we finished half of it. Clear bowl undhiyu is her’s and i modified it to add some traditional spices.

  • Vegetables you need: Potato, Sweet Potato, Papdi (Or use lima beans, snow peas), purple yam, firm raw banana, small eggplants
  • To Make  Spice Mixture: Chopped cilantro,  green part of green garlic( I couldn’t find so added green of green onion), shredded fresh coconut, ginger paste, garlic paste, green chili paste, salt and just a little bit oil.
  • Process: First start baking chopped potatoes, sweet potatoes and yam with salt since they take a  while. I did at 375F for 15 mins probably and covered with foil. Add papdi with its lilva. While this all is baking, stuff small eggplants with  spice mixture.  Add stuffed eggplants and some spice mixture to your baking bowl. Mix everything well. Bake another 30 mins.
  • Now stuff banana(leave skin on) with spice mixture  and add to bowl with any remaining mixture.
  • For seasoning: heat oil, add some ajamo(caraway seeds), hing and pour over vegetables. This seasoning will help with digestion and won’t cause gas.
  •  Bake another 15-20 mins or until everything is baked. I baked whole time covered with foil paper.
  • When you remove foil paper, it will smell so good.

My friend served with mango ras and puri, the tradition way and it was very yummy. But you can have with roti and side of kadhi too like i did. Or just eat on its own.

You can add more ginger, garlic and spices according your taste. Also you can add sesame seeds, peanut powder with coconut in spice mixture. And yes, i skipped muthiya. But you can add them in baking and it will get cooked.

Enjoy !

PS: Don’t forget to go for a walk after having this wonderful meal.




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