Roasted Brussel Sprouts


  • I wasn’t planning to put this but then thought may be some ppl will like it and may be never tried them before. Picture is of left over. They are very feeling so good for ppl trying to lose weight.
  • They are in season now and so easy to cook. I just removed top and sliced them.
  • Add salt, pepper and little olive oil.
  • I roasted them covered with foil paper at 375 for 30 mins since wanted them as a side curry to go with roti.
  • But if you want crispy , just make 2 halves and roast it open in a single layer. Might take 40-50 mins. 
  • They taste good so if you have never tried before, try this spring.
  • You can add them in salad or burrito too.
  • Enjoy!

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