Tailor Ayurveda Going Global


Does it sound exotic? Well, I have been doing ayurveda sessions for a while now and have done individual, for groups, at community centers etc. I tailor session depending upon time, place, group or ppl. I have done 1.5 hr session, seminar or presentation whatever you call it out of states too and have received a very good feedback. Everyone from 10 year to grandpa have enjoyed it and have been able to put things they learned during session in practice. Seminars I realized I can do anywhere in the world. I know  am stretching it too far, but I can start with any place in usa.

 If anyone is interested in arranging seminar “Ayurveda In Daily Life” for your company, community center or at your party too, send me email at tailor.ayurveda@gmail.com for more details and we can see how we can do it. All I need is projector, laptop and people who want to take care care of themselves , want to learn new things.

Spread  the knowledge and earn some good karma.

Picture is of surabhi mudra which balances all elements in the body or you can say balances all 3 doshas. Try it out .

Enjoy !

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