Amla – Indian Goosberry Chutney


  • Amla is praised in Ayurveda since it has 5 of 6 taste which is rare.  It’s very sour, little bitter, astringent, after chewing it’s sweet, pungent I didn’t feel.  It’s rich in vitamin c and it’s vitamin c is heat stable . And have no way to prove it.:)
  • I was looking for a way to include it in diet without so much sugar or oil. Found frozen bag in Indian store.
  • So made chutney with coconut, cilantro and green chili. I boiled Amla 3-4 mins with little water so it was easy remove pit and used left over water while grinding.
  • I think I used little too many amla so chutney was little more sour. So use only 1 or 2 Amla first time you make it since it has very strong taste.
  • I love it’s sweet taste afterwards. Will have to find more ways to use it and will post if find a better way.
  • If you have never tried Amla before, do try it. It’s an experience on its own to experience all flavors at the same time. Life is abt all experiences , isn’t it?  Just don’t label them good or bad.
  • Enjoy Amla and Life !

Crowder Peas With Mustard Greens – Spring Meal


  •  Greens are so cheap, looks nice fresh green  and plenty in grocery stores right now in spring.  I end up buying bunches and have to come up with ideas to use it.
  •  Mustard greens go with well with Crowder or Black eye peas. Well, i just leanred.
  •  I have been trying to cook greens in a better way so nutrition stays and everything is not over cooked. Here’s what i did:
  • Cook frozen peas with hot water and little salt first on the stove. When they are almost done, add chopped fresh mustard greens. Greens need very little time to cook so add them at the very end.
  • On the side, in a tiny seasoning container, heat oil, add mustard and/or cumin seeds, 1 torn red chilli , ginger-garlic paste and add to the cooking mixture.
  • Adjust salt and that’s it. No over cooking. Make, eat and be done. No reason to heat it again.
  • If you don’t have indian spices or don’t like it then still boil peas, add mustard greens and for seasoning add salt, pepper and little good olive oil. I think it will taste good.
  • So take advantage of all spring greens nature is growing abundantly.
  • Enjoy !

Baked Undhiyu


      First of all, you don’t need to be surti, gujarati or even indian to make this undhiyu. Basically it’s baked vegetables with spices and no matter how you will make it, it will taste out of the world. Just add little love meaning coconut and oil. 🙂

Obviously i am not making it traditional  way and it still tasted soo good that couldn’t wait to share with you all. In Gujarat, it’s a popular dish served in wedding and loaded with oil. But here we will make it healthier and easy. Idea is not mine but my friend R’s who made it when i visited her. She made it while we  were chatting around kitchen table and i didn’t pay attention on how she did it. But i took picture after we finished half of it. Clear bowl undhiyu is her’s and i modified it to add some traditional spices.

  • Vegetables you need: Potato, Sweet Potato, Papdi (Or use lima beans, snow peas), purple yam, firm raw banana, small eggplants
  • To Make  Spice Mixture: Chopped cilantro,  green part of green garlic( I couldn’t find so added green of green onion), shredded fresh coconut, ginger paste, garlic paste, green chili paste, salt and just a little bit oil.
  • Process: First start baking chopped potatoes, sweet potatoes and yam with salt since they take a  while. I did at 375F for 15 mins probably and covered with foil. Add papdi with its lilva. While this all is baking, stuff small eggplants with  spice mixture.  Add stuffed eggplants and some spice mixture to your baking bowl. Mix everything well. Bake another 30 mins.
  • Now stuff banana(leave skin on) with spice mixture  and add to bowl with any remaining mixture.
  • For seasoning: heat oil, add some ajamo(caraway seeds), hing and pour over vegetables. This seasoning will help with digestion and won’t cause gas.
  •  Bake another 15-20 mins or until everything is baked. I baked whole time covered with foil paper.
  • When you remove foil paper, it will smell so good.

My friend served with mango ras and puri, the tradition way and it was very yummy. But you can have with roti and side of kadhi too like i did. Or just eat on its own.

You can add more ginger, garlic and spices according your taste. Also you can add sesame seeds, peanut powder with coconut in spice mixture. And yes, i skipped muthiya. But you can add them in baking and it will get cooked.

Enjoy !

PS: Don’t forget to go for a walk after having this wonderful meal.




Roasted Brussel Sprouts


  • I wasn’t planning to put this but then thought may be some ppl will like it and may be never tried them before. Picture is of left over. They are very feeling so good for ppl trying to lose weight.
  • They are in season now and so easy to cook. I just removed top and sliced them.
  • Add salt, pepper and little olive oil.
  • I roasted them covered with foil paper at 375 for 30 mins since wanted them as a side curry to go with roti.
  • But if you want crispy , just make 2 halves and roast it open in a single layer. Might take 40-50 mins. 
  • They taste good so if you have never tried before, try this spring.
  • You can add them in salad or burrito too.
  • Enjoy!

Tailor Ayurveda Going Global


Does it sound exotic? Well, I have been doing ayurveda sessions for a while now and have done individual, for groups, at community centers etc. I tailor session depending upon time, place, group or ppl. I have done 1.5 hr session, seminar or presentation whatever you call it out of states too and have received a very good feedback. Everyone from 10 year to grandpa have enjoyed it and have been able to put things they learned during session in practice. Seminars I realized I can do anywhere in the world. I know  am stretching it too far, but I can start with any place in usa.

 If anyone is interested in arranging seminar “Ayurveda In Daily Life” for your company, community center or at your party too, send me email at for more details and we can see how we can do it. All I need is projector, laptop and people who want to take care care of themselves , want to learn new things.

Spread  the knowledge and earn some good karma.

Picture is of surabhi mudra which balances all elements in the body or you can say balances all 3 doshas. Try it out .

Enjoy !