Okra Chips

   IMG_0684 IMG_0683

  • It’s been my dream to make roasted stuffed okra with all good things filled in. But it feels too much work and dream remained dream.
  • But this simple roasted okra turned out to be the middle path and very easy  to make  and still yummy.
  • Cut okra in 2 slices removing head, tail. Add dry spices, salt and few drops of oil. I added indian spices but you can add anything you like.
  • I would suggest red pepper powder, cumin powder, garlic powder for ppl who don’t have indian spices. If you are trying to use turmeric after reading all health benefits, this will be a good time to throw a pinch of turmeric powder.
  • Bake at 400F for 30-40 mins. Keep okras in a single layer like in the picture. Turn them once in between.
  • Some were nice crunchy and some remained little soft but they tasted great.
  • I would say must try. There will be plenty of okra in summer everywhere so try it out.
  • Enjoy !

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