Life – A Beautiful Buffet


        I know some of you are probably getting annoyed with all philosophy posts. But hey, there’s so much here on justlunchideas, so just take what you like or what you need. 1 of my favorite thing  to think abt  is life. Someone asked me knowing that i have been doing yoga for so long “what’s your biggest achievement?” And my answer was “I learned to live.”

Often i compare life with buffet. I love indian buffets. There’s so many varieties, so many things to try that even if you don’t like anything you still will be full trying little bit of everything. I try a sample of everything and then get more of what i liked. Being vegeterian, all non-veg options are useless for me. But i don’t keep complaining abt that. There’s more than enough for me to try.

Isn’t life same way? There’s so much to explore, to do. There will be things that work for you, some don’t. If you have to complain, complain but just don’t go hungry. Try things and find out what clicks to you. And yes, don’t impose your likes/dislikes on others.

Enjoy your life buffet !


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