Seasoned Purple Cabbage

  • Do you ever buy purple/red cabbage? I know I know . Even I don’t know when I bought last. So made a special trip to store just to buy red cabbage. When something gets into my head, I have to do asap. Am glad I did. It turned out good and wish had made more. 
  • Kept it very simple almost like salad. Heat oil, crack mustard seeds, cumin seeds, threw 1 torn red chili and curry leaves.
  • Add chopped cabbage and salt. Cover and cook just few mins. Do not overlook it.
  • Eat it right away or make when you are ready to eat. All reheating we Indians do,   Dish ends up losing vitamins.
  • Makes a good nutritious side dish. You can use it in your burrito too. 
  • Enjoy !

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