Life Resume 


          As I was updating my work resume, this idea abt life resume came. Being professional , we should always update our resume now and then. But do we ever think abt our life resume? What would you put on it? What are your goals in life? Are you on track? Do you have things decades older to put on? And nothing new?

Everyone will have different things to put on. What makes you feel alive. How much you have grown in life.  If you are still breathing, then you should be able to update your life resume. Add new things to it and watch life unfolding, bringing new joys and experiences.

Picture above is taken at Mt Everest Base Camp. I am in pink hat. Waiting for clouds to clear up to get glimpse of Mt Everest and yes, that moment , experience does make a space in my life resume. May be some day I will share my experience and realization that happened at Mt Everest. 

Enjoy your resume!



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