Some Authors 

Thought I should share some of the authors I have read and enjoyed. See if anyone clicks to you. They have books on yoga, ayurveda, ancient sciences , natural healing or life.

  • Swami Sivananda
  • Swami Vishnudevananda
  • B.K.S. Iyengar 
  • Dr Robert Svobda
  • Dr David Frawley
  • Dr Vasant Lad
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Paul Pitchford
  • Gandhi 
  • Last but not least my guru Pradip Bulsara who has 2 e-books on Apple.
  • Way to learn ancient science or any , is of course you learn basic first, spend time with someone who knows it if possible, experiment , observe , share and meditate.

Enjoy !

Okra Chips

   IMG_0684 IMG_0683

  • It’s been my dream to make roasted stuffed okra with all good things filled in. But it feels too much work and dream remained dream.
  • But this simple roasted okra turned out to be the middle path and very easy  to make  and still yummy.
  • Cut okra in 2 slices removing head, tail. Add dry spices, salt and few drops of oil. I added indian spices but you can add anything you like.
  • I would suggest red pepper powder, cumin powder, garlic powder for ppl who don’t have indian spices. If you are trying to use turmeric after reading all health benefits, this will be a good time to throw a pinch of turmeric powder.
  • Bake at 400F for 30-40 mins. Keep okras in a single layer like in the picture. Turn them once in between.
  • Some were nice crunchy and some remained little soft but they tasted great.
  • I would say must try. There will be plenty of okra in summer everywhere so try it out.
  • Enjoy !

Life – A Beautiful Buffet


        I know some of you are probably getting annoyed with all philosophy posts. But hey, there’s so much here on justlunchideas, so just take what you like or what you need. 1 of my favorite thing  to think abt  is life. Someone asked me knowing that i have been doing yoga for so long “what’s your biggest achievement?” And my answer was “I learned to live.”

Often i compare life with buffet. I love indian buffets. There’s so many varieties, so many things to try that even if you don’t like anything you still will be full trying little bit of everything. I try a sample of everything and then get more of what i liked. Being vegeterian, all non-veg options are useless for me. But i don’t keep complaining abt that. There’s more than enough for me to try.

Isn’t life same way? There’s so much to explore, to do. There will be things that work for you, some don’t. If you have to complain, complain but just don’t go hungry. Try things and find out what clicks to you. And yes, don’t impose your likes/dislikes on others.

Enjoy your life buffet !


Seasoned Purple Cabbage

  • Do you ever buy purple/red cabbage? I know I know . Even I don’t know when I bought last. So made a special trip to store just to buy red cabbage. When something gets into my head, I have to do asap. Am glad I did. It turned out good and wish had made more. 
  • Kept it very simple almost like salad. Heat oil, crack mustard seeds, cumin seeds, threw 1 torn red chili and curry leaves.
  • Add chopped cabbage and salt. Cover and cook just few mins. Do not overlook it.
  • Eat it right away or make when you are ready to eat. All reheating we Indians do,   Dish ends up losing vitamins.
  • Makes a good nutritious side dish. You can use it in your burrito too. 
  • Enjoy !

Life Resume 


          As I was updating my work resume, this idea abt life resume came. Being professional , we should always update our resume now and then. But do we ever think abt our life resume? What would you put on it? What are your goals in life? Are you on track? Do you have things decades older to put on? And nothing new?

Everyone will have different things to put on. What makes you feel alive. How much you have grown in life.  If you are still breathing, then you should be able to update your life resume. Add new things to it and watch life unfolding, bringing new joys and experiences.

Picture above is taken at Mt Everest Base Camp. I am in pink hat. Waiting for clouds to clear up to get glimpse of Mt Everest and yes, that moment , experience does make a space in my life resume. May be some day I will share my experience and realization that happened at Mt Everest. 

Enjoy your resume!