Vibrational Cooking – Steamed Asparagus


  • You know spring is around the corner when Asparagus starts showing up at stores on sale. Y’day i found a bunch on sale and they looked fresh so of course had to buy them.
  • I was surprised to read some of the benefits of asparagus. There’s always something new you learn.
  • First i tried to roast them in oven, and it turned out good but tip of asparagus was burned since it’s so thin.
  • Then i steamed it today and it turned out good and taste was good too. Steaming retains most of the vitamins too. You can see i already chew some sticks before taking picture.
  • It takes only 3-4 mins to steam. I didn’t add any flavouring to it. It was nice on its own. But you can add some lemon juice. Skip salt.
  • Try it out this spring. You won’t be disappointed. It makes a nice quick  side dish.
  • And yes, you can chop half to 1 inch of bottom which is very fibrous. And rest keep it whole so you don’t lose all nutrition. If you have to cut it, cut it after it’s done.
  • Enjoy !

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