Gift For Self


If you are done buying gifts for everyone or even if you are not done, take a moment to gift yourself. Here’s some yogi’s suggestions.

  1. Breathe :  Air is still free and plenty. We get into lot of nitty gritty of life and forget what is imp. Most of the ppl have lost touch with their breath which is the most imp thing to live. Without breath, you can live only few mins. So take time to breath and observe your breath. Yoga says fix your breath and your life will be fixed too.
  2. Water: 2nd most imp thing is water. Drink clean water first thing in the morning.
  3. Food:  Have some wholesome fresh food.


Wish you all  a Merry Christmas !

See ya all next year and until then “Breathe”.

Om sarve sham svastir bhavatu (may auspiciousness be unto all)

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