Hot Oatmeal Breakfast For Winter


  • Hot oatmeal makes a really good breakfast in winter. It’s easy to make and you can dress it up so many different ways.
  • Here’s how i do it:
  • Cook oatmeal according to pkg direction which is simply boiling with water. I do on stove top. And yes, buy plain old-fashioned oatmeal.
  • Once cooked, add some nuts of your choice.
  • For sweetener, add chopped dates, figs, prunes, craisins  or raisins. Use 1 or 2 different things so that it gives different flavour every time.
  • You can also add some chopped apple when it’s almost cooked so that apple cooks little bit and add some cinnamon powder.
  • Bananas are too cold to use in winter so i avoid them in winter.
  • And it has good fiber too so it will help you stay regular too. You know what i mean. 🙂
  • Enjoy this hot oatmeal breakfast and serve it to your guests too. No one will complain abt healthy yet yummy breakfast and oh it’s hot too.
  • Use some nice bowls to serve. How you present, matters too.
  • Enjoy !

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