Khajoor Pak For Winter


  • Winter is considered a time to build health in Ayurveda. In india, different states, regions  all have their own “pak” to eat during winter. For example, gundarpak/gondpak, urdiyapak, methipak etc etc. All of them have some nuts, ghee and some warming flour, spices.  They all are heavy in calories and generally you eat 1 piece or laddu in the morning before heading out. So moderation is definitely there.
  • Am not a big fan of all these paks but i do enjoy this simple “date delicacy”. It’s low in fat , natural sugar and still good to keep you warm.
  • I learned this from a friend years back and have been making it every winter now. She makes it best though.
  • Recipe is pretty simple. Chop dates first. Heat ghee like 1 – 2 tbsp for 1 cup chopped dates. Add chopped dates and saute for 5 -6 mins. Dates will melt little bit.
  • Don’t saute too long else it will become hard. Switch of the stove and add broken or powdered nuts and cardamom powder.  I used walnut, pecans and almonds. 
  • Spread on buttered thali. Let it cool down and cut into pieces.
  • Will stay good on the counter for at least a month.
  • Enjoy one piece a day. Good for kids, adults everyone.
  • Stay warm and Enjoy !

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