Cheese Sandwich – Ayurvedic Way


IMG_0158 IMG_0157

  • Most of the ppl love everything cheesy unless you are vegan. There will be few like me who are not much into cheese. But do you know that cheese and all dairy products are mucus forming?
  • There’s a spicy solution for it.  Surprised? Well, Add little spices or something pungent to balance it. That’s all.
  • All indian milk based dessert/sweet has little spice like cardamom to it. And that’s to balance out that mucus forming characteristic of dairy.
  • Alright, so here’s how i made my sandwich.
  • Heat little olive oil , add chopped garlic, onion, mushroom. Saute for few mins until little cooked. Add spinach and cook until spinach is wilted. Add salt at the end and some crushed pepper or black pepper if you like. Use any veggies you like.
  • You can also add some finely chopped jalapeno or any green chili if you like it really hot.
  • Put a slice of cheese, some of above veggie mix and roast. Veggie mix taste good on its own too. Left over you can eat as a salad.
  • Few chips, grapes and it makes a good  balanced meal.
  • If you love pizza, do same. Put some onion or any kind of pepper or crushed pepper to balance it out.Use spice, vegetable that suits you.
  • Enjoy !

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