Mustard Green – Authentic Punjabi Recipe


  • One of my friend  mentioned abt saag her mother-in-law made while treating me to nice punjabi lunch and it stayed with me. I was gonna make it my way but then  thought i should ask her for recipe since some traditional ways of cooking things has always some wisdom. And am so glad i asked.
  • Here’s how recipe goes:
  • Ratio of greens : Mustard green 70 %, Spinach 15 %, Turnip Greens 15% (Turnip green is bitter so don’t get over excited and make sure you add only little)
  • Cook all greens with slit green chilies and little water. Once cook, grind it.
  • Heat ghee (be stingy here), fry chopped onion with finely chopped ginger and garlic. Add ginger little more than usual.
  • Once onion is fried, add chopped tomatoes and some chopped turnip root.
  • Cook until turnip root is cooked and then add green mixture.Boil and simmer for few mins.
  • If you noticed, there’s no other spices besides ginger, garlic.
  • As my friend said “flavour comes from mustard greens and ghee.” And of course, she is right.
  • I made first time with spinach 70 % by mistake but that turned out good too.
  • Made kulcha to go with it. Recipe here:
  • Do try. Nice way to include other greens in diet.
  • Thanks to my friend and her mom-in-law for sharing this wonderful authentic  recipe. I will be making often.
  • Enjoy !

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