Lemongrass Ginger Tea



  • Since i have been trying all different teas, one day i got this wonderful idea of making lemongrass ginger tea. When i googled, it seems to be popular tea in some asian countries. And here i thought i came up with this wonderful tea idea.
  • Ginger as everyone knows good for digestion but lemongrass also has lot of health benefits. Google and you will be surprised.
  • Lemongrass is called “lili cha” in gujarat and we add few leaves just like tulsi in our masala chai. Gives a very good flavour.
  • To make lemongrass ginger tea, chop some lemongrass root , few leaves, ginger and boil. More you boil, it will have stronger taste. You can use same ingredients to make 2nd batch of tea too. Picture is of my 2nd batch of tea. It’s a cloudy day here so time to sip this hot tea.
  • You can add some honey if you like.  I didn’t.
  • In summer, you can turn this into iced tea too.
  • Sit back and enjoy your antioxidant rich tea while watching your favourite tv show or like me enjoy while working. Keeps both my body and brain warm.
  • Or this holiday season when you have party at home, serve this tea. Your party might become big hit !
  • Enjoy !

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