Dal With Greens


  • Everyone tries to include more greens in diet but because of taste, it seems to fail. Some greens have strong flavour and you can’t just eat them in salad or simple saute. But there’s always a solution and solution here is very yummy too which is south indian style dal.
  • You can use mung dal or tuvar dal. I like mung dal better with greens. Roasting mung dal first few mins gives good flavour but it’s optional.
  • Today’s green was Kale. Yes..superfood and not so tasty kale.  Here’s what i did:
  • Roasted mung dal and then pressure cooked with chopped kale and some cranberries. You can use tomato instead but it’s cranberry season.
  • Add ginger-garlic paste and usual indian spices to dal and mix well. I added a tiny bit of tamarind paste too since it wasn’t sour enough for me.
  • Now seasoning: Heat oil, crack few mustard seeds, cumin seeds. Add above dal mix. Boil for few mins. Done !
  • Rice with little ghee and kale dal. Very filling.
  • Dal on its own also tasted really good and with roti too it was good. You can eat as soup with a bread too.
  • You can use any greens you like. Spinach, mustard greens, turnip greens, beet greens etc etc. If you never had before, start with spinach. I like dill too but  it gives a strong dill flavour. Methi leaves i didn’t like.
  • I feel that little tamarind i added made a good difference in hiding strong kale flavour. So try few variations to find one you like.
  • On your next trip to store, buy bestest and freshest looking greens and try it out.
  •  Enjoy !

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