Goji Berry Tea


  • Goji Berries recently have become very popular as anti-oxidants rich food. Other day i saw on Jeopardy superfood category had a question on goji berry.
  • I had first them in Tibet few years back and of course, they were so good. They look like raisins but red in color.
  •  Recently a friend gave me a pkg and so have been trying to use them. You can find them at health food , asian store or amazon.
  • To make tea, boil a glass of water and add 10-12 goji berries. Boil for few mins until berries plump up.
  • Drink warm and eat berries in between.  No need to add anything else.
  • In winter time, when you feel like drinking something warm, try this.
  • You can use them in any recipes where you use raisins. Eat like snack, throw in oat meal etc etc.
  • To check all health benefits, google.
  • Enjoy !

Kodri Or Foxtail Millet Khichadi


  • Kodri is recommended in diabetic in india.  It has good amt of calcium according to pkg i have.
  • Made khichadi with mung dal and it was way too tasty. I would say must try if you are khichadi fan like me.
  • Makes good 1 pot healthy meal. And a break from wheat and rice which we indians are heavy on.
  • Used 50:50 kodri and yellow mung dal.
  • I add lot of vegetables to khichadi. Today i added green beans, corn, yellow squash, onion and spinach.
  • With a side of yogurt, it made a good meal.
  • It’s good to have little light dinner now and then i believe. Give digestion little break.
  • Do try…you won’t be disappointed.
  • Enjoy !

Butternut Squash In Yogurt Sauce


  • This is another good way to use butternut squash. Cooked squash first in pressure cooker.
  • Do seasoning , add spices, squash and saute for few mins until squash is cooked. Add water if needed.
  • At the end, add plain yogurt. Simple curry, isn’t it?
  • Yogurt will curdle so keep heat low or add besan to yogurt first just like kadhi.
  • Enjoy !

Rajgira(Amaranth) + Wheat Roti


  • This is gonna be tiny post. As we know how nutritious rajgira is, we don’t need to just use while fasting. It has good protein, iron so we can try include more often.
  • I had some left over rajgira flour so added to roti dough. It turned out so good that i had to do post.
  • Used may be little over 1/4th cup rajgira and 1 cup wheat flour. Roti turned out soft, easy to roll and i liked the taste too.
  • I think i will add rajgira now and then to my roti dough now. Can’t wait to try again.
  • Try it out…it’s really good.
  • Enjoy !