Cranberry Time Again


  • It’s cranberry time again and i tried some new recipes. Cranberry Apple Muffins turned out great.
  • Recipe i followed :
  • Instead of egg, i used flex seed powder soaked in water. And 2 tbsp oil wasn’t enough so i added 2 tbsp more and also added some yogurt.
  • Baked in muffin pan instead of bread.
  • With a cup of hot ginger tea…do i need to say anything? Each bite has a surprise flavour like the way life throws surprise parties. 🙂
  • Other thing i tried was apple cranberry chutney. Here’s what i did:
  • Heat oil, crack few mustard seeds. Add chopped apple(i used gala) , few curry leaves, shredded ginger, 1-2 clove if you have , red or green chilli and fresh cranberries. Cranberries are very tart so for a cup chopped apple, add less than 1/4th. Depends how sour you want your chutney.
  • I have alway read chutney recipes with vinegar so added 1 tsp apple cider vinegar i had. No clue what it does but throw that in. Add salt per taste.
  • Cook for few minutes until cranberries are cooked. Cool and roughly blend or blend it smooth. Your choice.
  • I really liked chutney. It was spicy, sweet, sour. Will go well with dosa, thepla or spread on a bread.
  • Also tried cranberry rasam but it was too sour for my taste. If you like sour, try it or add some cooked tuvar dal into rasam.
  • Find a way that works for you to include fresh cranberries in your diet without adding so much sugar this holiday season.
  • Enjoy !

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