Keeping warm with Nuts and Ling Mudra



  • There are plenty of nuts in store everywhere now and am sure everyone is enjoying them. I have been buying them in shells now and they taste so good and much fresher. If you have never bought, try it. I like to buy mixed nuts in shells . (Full bowl is just for picture and am not eating it all).
  • This is how it goes for me…put a newspaper or sale paper, mortar and pestle and bowl of mixed nuts. Try to crack it the way so whole nut comes out. Makes it more fun and you eat less. You just need few since they are concerntrated energy.
  • Besides having good fat, different nuts provide little different nutrition. Here’s a good article :
  • Ling mudra generates a lot of heat in the body. If you are stuck somewhere in cold, turn on your own heater with Lind Mudra. Try it out and see what it does for you. Right thumb sticks out and wrapped with left thumb and first finger.
  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone and don’t forget to thank yourself for the wonderful or not so wonderful life you created for yourself.
  • Enjoy !

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