Garlic Bread -My Way

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  • Does everyone love garlic bread?But store bought ones are loaded with way too much butter, isn’t it? Or only i think that way. 🙂
  • It’s very easy to make it home and you can control how much butter you add.Most imp you can use fresh garlic and get all garlic benefits at the same time.
  • Heat butter, add some freshly chopped garlic to get garlic flavour into butter. Made me realise life also roasts us sometime so our real flavour comes out. Isnt’ it? Think abt it.
  • Alright, saute garlic for a min. Add bread and roast it. Simple.
  • While serving make sure each piece has some garlic on it. Little bites of garlic while eating taste really good.
  • Fresh garlic is easy to find, cheap and stays good on a counter for a long time. So buy fresh to reap some benefits.
  • You can also use olive oil instead of butter and /or italian seasoning.
  • Pictures are not great since i was trying to do too many things but hope you got the point.
  • You can have this garlic bread with soup, pasta or with tea, coffee too. Wrap it into foil paper and take to work.
  • Try it. It’s really yummy.
  • Enjoy !

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