Dosa With Sweet Potato Filling


  • Do you know that ppl from Ryukyu Islands in japan have highest life expectancy in the world and 1 of their staple food is purple sweet potatoes. There’s a Okinava diet based on them. Check more abt it here:
  • Sweet potato is another wonderful vegetable full of Vit A, C, fiber etc but we see only in pies. 
  • You can roast sweet potatoes in oven while baking something , steam, boil, pressure cook or make curry like me. 
  • Serve it as side dish with anything or throw it in your salad if you are a salad person.
  • Dosa stuffing is most of the time potatoes but you can fill with sweet potatoes for a change. Ppl, kids who like sweet food will love it.
  • Oh and they are so cheap year around. Stays good for a long time on the counter.
  • Picture is of my lunch dosa with sweet potato curry and side of freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • I used regular american sweet potato which is orange. You can find different varietes in asian stores.
  • Oranges are pretty cheap now in winter and on sale everywhere. If you don’t have citrus juicer, buy 1. It’s pretty cheap.
  • Easy, yummy and healthy lunch. Got so much of my vitamins already in 1 meal. 🙂
  • Enjoy !

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