Yogi’s Tea


  • We all have built in wisdom but our minds are so preoccupied that we miss it most of the time. And also, we are so busy trying to fix other ppl and never look at ourselves to see what needs to be fixed within us.
  • I am as most of other indians start my day with my indian masala chai. But lately, i was not enjoying it at all. It just wasn’t appealing anymore. So i just dropped it. Instead am trying all kind of different tea. I tried some green tea but they were ok.
  • Now what am doing is, just look around in cabinet, spice box, fridge and see what appeals to me. It’s so much fun and you have a new flavour each time.
  • One in picture is , made with cumin seeds, coriander seeds, fennel seeds and some ginger. Doesn’t it sound exotic?
  • You can try so many things like cardamom, saffron, lemongrass, mint or you can use some fruit too. Am still enjoying goji berry tea too.
  • All you need is a hot cup of water and throw spice, fruit whatever speaks to you and let it rest for few mins. Simple.
  • Now i enjoy tea even after dinner or a hot cup while watching my favorite TV program. And i derive some health benefit too like ginger helps with digestion. I don’t add any sweetener.
  • See what appeals to you and trust your own intuition.
  • Have fun with your tea.
  • Enjoy !

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