Goji Berry Tea


  • Goji Berries recently have become very popular as anti-oxidants rich food. Other day i saw on Jeopardy superfood category had a question on goji berry.
  • I had first them in Tibet few years back and of course, they were so good. They look like raisins but red in color.
  •  Recently a friend gave me a pkg and so have been trying to use them. You can find them at health food , asian store or amazon.
  • To make tea, boil a glass of water and add 10-12 goji berries. Boil for few mins until berries plump up.
  • Drink warm and eat berries in between.  No need to add anything else.
  • In winter time, when you feel like drinking something warm, try this.
  • You can use them in any recipes where you use raisins. Eat like snack, throw in oat meal etc etc.
  • To check all health benefits, google.
  • Enjoy !

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