Kodri Or Foxtail Millet Khichadi


  • Kodri is recommended in diabetic in india.  It has good amt of calcium according to pkg i have.
  • Made khichadi with mung dal and it was way too tasty. I would say must try if you are khichadi fan like me.
  • Makes good 1 pot healthy meal. And a break from wheat and rice which we indians are heavy on.
  • Used 50:50 kodri and yellow mung dal.
  • I add lot of vegetables to khichadi. Today i added green beans, corn, yellow squash, onion and spinach.
  • With a side of yogurt, it made a good meal.
  • It’s good to have little light dinner now and then i believe. Give digestion little break.
  • Do try…you won’t be disappointed.
  • Enjoy !

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