Rajgira(Amaranth) + Wheat Roti


  • This is gonna be tiny post. As we know how nutritious rajgira is, we don’t need to just use while fasting. It has good protein, iron so we can try include more often.
  • I had some left over rajgira flour so added to roti dough. It turned out so good that i had to do post.
  • Used may be little over 1/4th cup rajgira and 1 cup wheat flour. Roti turned out soft, easy to roll and i liked the taste too.
  • I think i will add rajgira now and then to my roti dough now. Can’t wait to try again.
  • Try it out…it’s really good.
  • Enjoy !

One thought on “Rajgira(Amaranth) + Wheat Roti

  1. Thanks to this post, It gave me confidence to make yummy rotis with some leftover Ragjira flour & wheat flour. Would love to know if you have tried making rotis mixing wheat flour with Kuttu Flour ( buckwheat flour) too. Thanks!

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