Cranberry Time Again


  • It’s cranberry time again and i tried some new recipes. Cranberry Apple Muffins turned out great.
  • Recipe i followed :
  • Instead of egg, i¬†used flex seed powder soaked in water. And 2 tbsp oil wasn’t enough so i added 2 tbsp more and also added some yogurt.
  • Baked in muffin pan instead of bread.
  • With a cup of hot ginger tea…do i need to say anything? Each bite has a surprise flavour like the way life throws surprise parties. ūüôā
  • Other thing i¬†tried was apple cranberry chutney. Here’s what i did:
  • Heat oil, crack few mustard seeds. Add chopped apple(i used gala) , few curry leaves, shredded ginger, 1-2 clove¬†if you have , red or green chilli and fresh cranberries. Cranberries are very tart so for a cup chopped apple, add less than 1/4th. Depends how sour you want your chutney.
  • I have alway read chutney recipes with vinegar so added 1 tsp apple cider vinegar i had. No clue what it does but throw that in. Add salt per taste.
  • Cook for few minutes until cranberries are cooked. Cool and roughly blend or blend it smooth. Your choice.
  • I really liked chutney. It was spicy, sweet, sour. Will go well with dosa, thepla or spread on a bread.
  • Also tried cranberry rasam¬†but it was too sour for my taste. If you like sour, try it or add some cooked tuvar¬†dal into rasam.
  • Find a way that works for you to include fresh cranberries in your diet without adding so much sugar this holiday season.
  • Enjoy !

Keeping warm with Nuts and Ling Mudra



  • There are plenty of nuts in store everywhere now and am sure everyone is enjoying them. I have been buying them in shells now and they taste so good and much fresher. If you have never bought, try it. I like to buy mixed nuts in shells¬†. (Full bowl is just for picture and am not eating it all).
  • This is how it goes for me…put a newspaper or sale paper, mortar and pestle and bowl of mixed nuts. Try to crack it the way so whole nut comes out. Makes it more fun and you eat less. You just need few since they are concerntrated energy.
  • Besides having good fat, different nuts provide little different¬†nutrition. Here’s a good article :
  • Ling mudra generates a lot of heat in the body. If you are stuck somewhere in cold, turn on your own heater with Lind Mudra. Try it out and see what it does for you. Right thumb sticks out and wrapped with left thumb and first finger.
  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone and don’t forget to thank yourself for the wonderful or not so wonderful life you¬†created for yourself.
  • Enjoy !

Garlic Bread -My Way

IMG_2019 IMG_2020 IMG_2021

  • Does everyone love garlic bread?But store bought ones¬†are loaded with way too much butter, isn’t it? Or only i think that way. ūüôā
  • It’s very easy to make it home and you can control how much butter you add.Most imp you can use fresh garlic and get all garlic benefits at the same time.
  • Heat butter, add some freshly chopped garlic to get garlic flavour into butter. Made me realise life also roasts us sometime so our real flavour comes out. Isnt’ it? Think abt it.
  • Alright, saute garlic for a min. Add bread and roast it. Simple.
  • While serving make sure each piece has some garlic on it. Little bites of garlic while eating taste really good.
  • Fresh garlic is easy to find, cheap and stays good on a counter for a long time. So buy fresh to reap some benefits.
  • You can also use olive oil instead of butter and /or italian seasoning.
  • Pictures are not great since i was trying to¬†do too¬†many things but hope¬†you got the point.
  • You can have this garlic bread with soup, pasta or with tea, coffee too. Wrap it into foil paper and take to work.
  • Try it. It’s really yummy.
  • Enjoy !

Dosa With Sweet Potato Filling


  • Do you know that ppl from Ryukyu Islands¬†in japan have highest life expectancy in the world and 1 of their staple food is purple sweet potatoes. There’s a Okinava diet based on them. Check more abt it here:
  • Sweet potato is another wonderful vegetable full of Vit A, C, fiber etc but we see only in pies.¬†
  • You can roast sweet potatoes in oven while baking something , steam, boil, pressure cook or make curry like me.¬†
  • Serve it as side dish with anything or throw it in your salad if you are a salad person.
  • Dosa stuffing is most of the time potatoes but you can fill with sweet potatoes for a change. Ppl, kids who like sweet food will love it.
  • Oh and they are so cheap year around. Stays good for a long time on the counter.
  • Picture is of my lunch dosa with sweet potato curry and side of freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • I used regular american sweet potato which is orange. You can find different varietes in asian stores.
  • Oranges are pretty cheap now in winter and on sale everywhere. If you don’t have citrus juicer, buy 1. It’s pretty cheap.
  • Easy, yummy and healthy lunch. Got so much of my vitamins already in 1 meal. ūüôā
  • Enjoy !

Yogi’s Tea


  • We all have built in wisdom but our minds are so preoccupied that we miss it most of the time. And also,¬†we are¬†so busy trying to fix other ppl and never look at ourselves to see what needs to be¬†fixed within us.
  • I am as most of other indians start my day with my indian masala chai. But lately, i¬†was not enjoying it at all. It just wasn’t appealing anymore. So i just dropped it. Instead am trying all kind of different tea. I tried some green tea but they were ok.
  • Now what am doing is, just look around in cabinet, spice box, fridge and see what appeals to me. It’s so much fun and you have a new flavour each time.
  • One in picture is , made with cumin seeds, coriander seeds, fennel seeds and some ginger. Doesn’t it sound exotic?
  • You can try so many things like cardamom, saffron, lemongrass, mint¬†or you can use some fruit too. Am still enjoying goji berry tea too.
  • All you need is a hot cup of water and throw spice, fruit whatever speaks to you and let it rest for few mins. Simple.
  • Now i¬†enjoy tea¬†even after dinner or a hot cup while watching my favorite TV program.¬†And i¬†derive some health benefit too like ginger helps with digestion.¬†I don’t add any sweetener.
  • See what appeals to you and trust your own intuition.
  • Have fun with your tea.
  • Enjoy !