What to eat in Fall ?


  • Fall is here. It’s cooler and leaves have turned colorful. Weather changing time is when mostly people get sick. So you want to stay in harmony with nature.
  • Fall is associated with Metal phase in chinese medicine and Ayurveda says it’s “Vata” season. Same thing..diff way of looking at it.
  • So what to eat in Fall? Of course whatever is growing in fall now. No brainer but not many ppl follow it.
  • All winter squashes like butternut, acorn, spaghetti squashes, pumpkin.
  • Root vegetables like turnip, rutabaga. Greens will be plenty and cheap in stores.
  • Limit sugar. All winter squash recipes online are very sugary i feel. They taste great with just little oil or butter, salt and pepper if you are not into spices.
  • I made butter squash today. Cut it in half and pressure cooked whole chunk for 1 whistle.
  • Now it was easy to peel and cut. Seasoned with spices.
  • Twist was, i had some methi growing in pot so added methi too.  Like popular gujju  “kela methi nu shak”. Mine is fusion recipe. Butternut squash with methi.
  • Easy curry with full of nutrition.
  • Find a way to eat all wonderful nutritious  fall vegetables.
  • Winter squashes stay good for a long time. You can just leave them on counter.
  • Enjoy !

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