All Abt Ghee


  • “Ghee makes body flexible. Good for improving memory and lubricates connective tissue.”  – excerpt from book Ayurvedic Cooking for self-healing .
  • All indians know importance of ghee and we all grew up having little ghee depending on how much family could afford. Good quality ghee in india is expensive.
  • But now with weight problems, cholesterol or simply a new craze to not have ghee. 
  • Ghee has many benefits and ayurveda praises ghee a lot.  It’s tridoshic. If you know your ayurveda type, for vata and pitta ghee is good. And kapha can have little bit too.
  • If you have weight problems, cholesterol then you don’t want to eat ghee or you can have very little and give up some other fat.
  • Same for kapha types, they can give up some other fat from diet and include little ghee.
  • I will tell you my experience with ghee. There was a time when i didn’t eat any ghee too and i used to have dry skin even in summer.  When i started learning abt all food and realised ghee is good, i added little bit ghee back in my diet. Didn’t know much abt Ayurveda then.  I did notice that my skin was not dry anymore, no dandruff…i know..yuck.
  • It’s easy to make and there are plenty of recipes, videos online.
  • How to use ghee: Add like 1/2 tsp on your soup instead of cheese, spread on tortilla or sandwich bread instead of other spreads, oil . Half tsp over rice. Or over your steamed vegetables.
  • Enjoy !

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