Fig Laddus, Mind And Diwali


  • Is everyone making snacks, sweets for Diwali and sharing with friends, family?
  • There are lots of Diwali recipes for everything online which are very helpful and thanks to all wonderful cooks who are sharing their recipes.
  • I saw this wonderful burfi recipe here:
  • As you all know my fig story, when i saw recipe using figs i wanted to try. But then i hardly make sweets so wasn’t sure how successful i will be.
  • And that’s when mind started playing it’s what i call games.
  • Mind: You know how much everyone is loving figs, you should give to ppl instead of experimenting and wasting them.
  • Me: Almost convinced, then wait a min… I will not experiment right now and when i won’t have tree, i will regret not trying out recipes using fresh figs. I have been wanting to make sweet using figs for a while. Phew…  Decided, m gonna experiment.
  • Don’t we all go thro’ this kinda scenarios now and then? Anytime we want to try something new, we find a reason not to do it.  Just to regret later….If we are AWARE, then we know when it’s mind playing games or there’s a genuine reason not to do something.
  • Back to recipe:  Blend fresh figs first, soak dates in it for 30 mins. If needed, add little milk. Blend everything again. I had more figs so added more figs but fig, date ratio is flexible.
  • Heat ghee (add more, less depends on you) or unsalted butter,  add fig-date mixture and cook until it becomes thick. Use nonstick pan. Now add sugar.
  • Add cardamom powder, chopped nuts of your choice.
  • First i spread on thali and thought will cut squares but then it’s was little soft. So i ended up making laddus and covered with dry coconut powder.
  • My friends liked them very much and asked to put it on blog hence they made it here. 
  • Happy Diwali Everyone ! May you all light your own lamp !

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