Veggie Rava Idly & Vitamin A


  • Most of the kids/ppl now a  days don’t eat enough vegetables. Let’s not get into reasons.
  • I like to add vegetables into everything. So of course even my idly will have vegetables. This is instant rava idly. Added some chopped cilantro, shredded carrot, torn curry leaves.
  • There are plenty of recipes for it online so i won’t repeat.  The only thing am suggesting is add some vegetables.
  • Chutney made with cilantro, curry leaves, coconut and yogurt. 
  • Wanted to talk abt Vitamin A. Everyone knows most of the benefits of Vitamin A and that it’s good for eyes and carrot has Vitamin A.
  • Here’s an excerpt from Healing with whole foods book : ” Those who are pregnant, lactating or undergoing a disease process usually have greater requirements. More Vitamin A is needed in the cooler seasons and who uses their eyes extensively for reading or other focused work.”
  • Now sit back and think for a second. Are you getting enough? Are your kids getting enough?
  • Vitamin A is stored in liver for what i call rainy days. We all save money for rainy days so i would think it’s better to have little extra in this dept too for those rainy days.
  • When you get from vegetables, it’s not toxic and anything extra your liver will store.
  • All greens, yellow, orange food is rich in Beta Carotene which liver converts into Vitamin A as needed.
  • I got some Vitamin A in today’s lunch since cilantro, carrot, curry leaves all has beta carotene/vitamin A.
  • What abt you?
  • Enjoy !

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