Soup with seaweed and cabbage curry


  • I say this every fall but seaweed is really good to eat in fall when air is dry. I have seen very good benefit with dry cough so now when i feel it’s coming, i just make soup with seaweeds and it’s kinda instant relief.
  • There are many kinda seaweed so buy the kind that is for soup. It will say on the pkg.
  • Made red bean/chori soup with it. Use less salt since seaweed is already salty and also it’s rich in natural iodine.
  • You can make any soup you like and just add seaweed to it.
  • Cabbage is another wonderful vegetable with lots of benefits and very easy to cook.Also very cheap too. Here’s a simple way to cook for non-indians who won’t have all indian spices.
  • Heat olive oil or any oil you like, season with mustard seeds and or cumin seeds. Add slit green or red chilli, chopped/paste garlic.
  • Add shredded or chopped cabbage, cover and cook. Add salt after it’s cooked little bit.
  • You can add some green peas to it too.
  • Enjoy !

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