Brown Rice Dhokla


  • I  have been trying to make things using brown rice now a days so this was another experiment and it turned out great. I didn’t see/taste any difference.
  • If  you know how to make dhokla, replace white rice with brown rice and follow same procedure.
  • Dhokla is generally rice and urad dal mixture but i add 2-3 tsp of chana dal too and it gives a very good taste. Trick i learned from my cousin’s wife many years back.
  • Don’t be afraid to try brown rice. You can buy small bag and experiment.
  • Sometimes i see ppl so bored with life or life becomes so routine or just way too many complains with life and then there’s no joy. So no matter how busy you are,try to  find some time for new things to learn, experiment. And it will keep you alive, healthy and happy/content.
  • Enjoy ! 

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