My Thoughts On Fasting

         As i am ready to break my fast today, thought i should do a post on fasting.  So why fast? This is what i have realised with my few navratri fast experiences. And I have never done water only fast. More of indian ways but with as simple as possible for me. Yeah, no sabudana vada.  You can check my navratri recipes post to see what i ate.

  • We all clean our homes,dishes, laundry routinely and most of us take shower too everyday as part of cleansing. But do we ever clean our inside ? We eat 4-5 times a day. Our digestive system never gets rest or get time to clean itself.  With simple food, body/organs gets some time to do other job.
  • Fast also teaches some detachment. We are attached  or slaved to too many habits. So it gives time to break routine and do some thing different. If you don’t get your cup of morning tea or coffee, then it’s not end of the world. You can go with your day as usual.
  • When i was learning mudra, fast helped me to see what mudra was doing. Generally there’s so much food in the body that you don’t feel anything else.

Note : Weak, nursing, pregnant women should not fast.

One thought on “My Thoughts On Fasting

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