Navratri Lunch, Dinner Ideas

IMG_1859 IMG_1860 IMG_1861

  • Does everyone know that Prime Minister Modi is also fasting? Isn’t that awesome?
  • Hope everyone is doing good on fast. I really got sick on 1st day by  afternoon and had to leave work. Got little better at night but hardly ate anything.
  • 2nd day was little better and i made some dinner so that my detox slows down. 
  • Rajgira paratha : Added little boiled potato, sindhov salt and freshly crushed black pepper. Black Pepper helps getting rid of toxins  is what i read in Ayurveda so had to put that knowledge in use. Added little too much salt and so was very salty and after not having any salt for 2 days, even little salt feels too much. So be careful how much salt you put.
  • Left over boiled potato, i made kinda kadhi. Season ghee with cumin seeds, add potato and yogurt with little rajgira flour. Little sindhov salt.
  • That was my dinner on day 2. I know it feels like i ate too much.
  • Lunch i eat mostly fruits and nuts. Today i blended fresh figs from garden with banana and topped it with some almond and walnut.
  • Everyone hang in there. It does feel great after wards.
  • Enjoy !

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