Tulsi – Queen of herb


  • Tulsi or Holy Basil is praised and worshipped so much in india. Of course for a reason. It has so many health benefits too. In india, ppl use it for cold, cough, fever , good for digestion etc etc. 
  • Most of the indian families keep at least 1 tulsi plant. I used to grow too but since i didn’t use it for anything ,stopped growing.
  • But few weeks back, when i turned soil in 1 of the container to grow cilantro, tulsi plant started growing. I guess last year’s seeds were in pot.
  • This time i decided to put it in use and made tea and read few books abt tulsi too.
  • Since plant is so small i just got few leaves and boiled them with water.
  • Tea came out very mild so i didn’t add anything extra. When plant grows or next year i will experiment more and will update this page.
  • But tulsi is anti bacterial, anti viral , rich in anti-oxidants what not.
  • So if you like tea, why not try tulsi tea and reap some benefits? But keep tea simple not loaded with sugar, milk etc.
  • Enjoy !

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