Navratri ideas for non-fasters

Navratri is starting from thursday 25th. Not everyone fasts but you can do different things. It’s a good time to break old habits.

Here’s some of my ideas.

  • You can be vegetarian for 9 days.
  • Give up your vices for 9 days.
  • If you are already vegetarian, try gluten free diet .
  • Try to stay oil free and use only nuts or natural fat.
  • Dairy free if dairy is your weakness.
  • Give up white sugar, white flour, white rice.
  • Give up morning tea, coffee.
  • Eat only vegetables and no dry beans.

Find something new or different thing to do depending on your situation, circumstances and have fun with it.

Happy Navratri !

2 thoughts on “Navratri ideas for non-fasters

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