Dehydrating Figs – An Experiment


  • Last year, i had given some figs to my friend for her dad since he loves gardening and always experimenting.  He took figs with him to his home all the way  in florida and i was surprised that he didn’t eat them right away. But later i got email from him saying he dehydrated them. So dehydrating figs stayed on my mind.
  • I was planning to dehydrate at some point this year and few days back when it was really hot, i thought why not put them out in sun? After all, that’s how ppl used to dehydrate things. But figs stayed fine 1 day but next day ants found them. End of sun drying experiment. May be i will try again.
  • Went and bought dehydrator. I left cut figs for around 14-15 hrs and they were done in the morning. I wasn’t pleased with the look and thought this is useless.
  • But  popped 1 in mouth and was amazed , it was so good.  Obviously all of them gone. I tried only few but i will put more tonight.
  • You can dehydrate lot of things but i am gonna try to make some banana chips and potato chips. I think they will turn out good and no oil needed.
  • Alright, so you all must be thinking am crazy to take all this trouble. But it’s all abt experimenting and learning new things. And the joy it brings is totally worth it.
  • Now i can say been there, done that.
  • If you have something that you want to try but have lot of excuses not to try..then stop thinking and go for it.
  • When i had gone for my first yoga class years back, i never knew it will open thousand new worlds to me.
  • Have fun experimenting new things.

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