Do you have a fruit bowl?


  • Everyone knows how good fruits are and that they help prevent cancer, heart disease, cholesterol, blood pressure  etc etc .   But still how many ppl are really eating everyday?
  • Yes, everyone eats fruits. But is it everyday or once in a while? And do you eat all fruits or just few like apple, banana and orange?
  • It’s good to keep a fruit bowl with all kinda of fruits where you see it all the time. That way it’s tempting to just grab something.
  • I buy different fruits in a way that it last at least a week. Fruits you can eat right away like grapes,cherries, all berries. Then fruits which needs to sit on the counter for few days to ripen.
  • And some fruits which will stay good for long time. Like oranges, apples stay good here for a long time.
  • I try to wash fruits before taking to work since sometimes if it’s not washed, then you don’t eat it.  Also keep few long lasting fruits at work so i have something even if i forgot to take from home.
  • Try all local fruits even if you never had them before and buy seasonal ones.  
  • So when do you eat fruits? I generally eat for breakfast and then around 3-4 or after work around 6 in the evening. Sometime at night while watching TV.
  • Find time that works for you and make it a habit.
  • Not a great picture of my fruit bowl but i got peaches, apples, dragon fruit, black grapes, rambhutan etc. And some more in the fridge. I know am loaded. 🙂
  • Summer is a good time to enjoy fruits since so much is available.
  • Enjoy your fruits and stay healthy !

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