2 Almonds A Day


  • I have read abt 2 almonds a day in the morning in my high school years in some ayurvedic column in news paper.  And of course, i had implemented it at that time.
  • I would eat 2 almonds before heading out to tuition classes.
  • Have started again from last few years but now it’s before heading out to work. I will pop 2 in my mouth. I really enjoy in winter more.
  • I recently started soaking them overnight and it taste so good like almond milk. Ayurveda recommends soaking and peeling the skin off.
  • If it’s soaked, it’s easier to digest and some ppl, kids don’t chew well so soaked is easier to chew.
  • So some days soaked, some days without it and some days skipped to enjoy other nuts.
  • You can soak 2 for each member of the family and in the morning everyone can peel and eat their share.
  • It’s good for brain and will be a good habit for school going kids. Of course not for ppl ,kids with nut allergy.
  • Now there’s no hard and fast rule to have in the morning. You can enjoy anytime so don’t come up with some excuse.
  • All this small small good habits do make a difference, don’t you think?
  • Try this new morning ritual with your family and have fun !

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