How to improve s. indian diet


  • Our food habits are mostly what we grew up eating unless you changed yourself big time. No matter what, you can always change and start with baby steps.
  • South indian diet includes way too much white rice as we all know and many ppl are changing or trying to change.
  • So here’s few of my ideas how you can modify.
  • Idly, dosa doesn’t need to be white rice all the time. Use different grains. No brainer i know but still very few ppl are doing it. Ragi, brown rice, oat etc  all good options.  Picture above is of brown rice idly and it has nice earthy flavour and very filling.  I made dosa too with same batter and it was very good.
  • And don’t try to make it taste like white rice. Brown rice or ragi idly, dosa should taste like brown rice , ragi idly dosa.
  • Add different vegetables to sambhar every time. You don’t need to add same vegetable everyday, do you? You can pretty much add any vegetable to sambhar. And for kids, chop vegetables small so it’s easy to eat for them and they won’t even notice.
  • If you make sambhar for whole week, then boil new vegetables everyday to add into sambhar. It will give new flavour too everyday. Added bonus.
  • And chutney, you can make chutney from any vegetable you name. Eggplant, squashes, beetroot, carrot etc etc. There are plenty of recipes if you google. But still most of the ppl have their traditional chutney and that’s all they make. No offence to traditional chutney but you need to try variety.
  • Hope you all will make some upgrades to your traditional diet after reading this. 🙂

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