Why Vegetarian – Ayurvedic Perspective


  • Let me clear first, ayurveda doesn’t prohibit meat. It talks about what is good when and everything has its usefulness in something.
  • Why do we eat? To gain energy and  What is the source of energy for our planet earth? Its Sun, right?
  • And who knows how to use sun’s energy? Plants. Only plants know how to use sun’s energy and make food.
  • So plants become primary source of energy for us.
  • When you consume animals, they first eat plants and then you eat them so it becomes secondary source of energy.
  • Why not get energy from primary source  ? 
  • Few Other things Dr Svoboda talks abt in his book the hidden secrets of Ayurveda are:  Meat produces too much vata and toxins produced during the digestion of meat are much more detrimental to the mind than those produced during digestion of plant.
  • Tomatoes  from garden, beaming with sun’s energy. 🙂
  • Have fun everyone !


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