Carrot Juice


  • I believe in variety and not having the same things every single day. Being creative depending on what/how am i feeling, what i have ,what needs to be used etc. 
  • Years back i had bought a juicer from wal-mart and used to make carrot or carrot-apple juice. I will make and drink just before going to work some days.After a while it became too much work since you have to clean all juicer parts afterwards. And it was hard for me to assemble and remove it all.
  • But I did see benefits of having carrot juice.  So what do i do now?
  • Chop 1 carrot and put it into blender with a glass of water. Strain and drink immediately.
  • It taste like carrot water. But i just drink it.  I do once or twice a month.
  • If you don’t have juicer, try it out this way and see what it does for you.
  • Organic carrots are not much pricey than regular ones. So i buy organic.
  • And yes, throw rest of the pulp in garden.  OrYou can use in paratha, cutlet etc to add extra fiber.
  • Enjoy !

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