Food For Jupiter – Astrology Series

IMG_1637 IMG_1672
         Let’s figure out how to increase energy of planet using food. Starting with Jupiter or what we call Guru with guru’s blessings. Todays is also Thursday which is a day of Jupiter according to vedic astrology.My guru keeps telling me to integrate astrology in food knowing my interest in astrology.So here we go.

You will think what’s the connection of food with astrology?Well, Astrology was taught as part of ayurveda in ancient times. And as we know food is a big part of Ayurveda and hence it’s connection with astrology.

  • Jupiter is abt expansion basically like expanding your knowledge, skills, experiences etc and its color is yellow and taste is sweet. It’s a kapha planet in ayurveda.
  • Jupiter is associated with 3rd chakra Manipura in Yoga.
  • In Chinese Medicine, yellow color is associated with element earth and corresponds to spleen and stomach.

 So if you have “low” Jupiter energy, here’s the list of food that will help. You can eat once a week on Thursday or make them part of your diet.

  • Yellow Dal like Chana dal.
  • Saffron
  • All sweet fruits in general and yellow like fresh mango, apricot and avocado too.
  • Yellow vegetables like yellow tomatoes, yellow pepper, yellow squashes,yellow corn.
  • Wheat, barley and oat are good grains to eat since they are sweet.
  • Soak 2-3 almonds overnight. Peel and eat in the morning.

 Picture above is of chana dal with cabbage which is a good option to eat for Thursday dinner.

And i made mango bread last weekend which gave me this idea of starting astrology series.

 Hope you all will enjoy this series ! 


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