Soya Milk + Okara Paratha

IMG_1673 IMG_1676

  • Have you ever tried to make soya milk at home? Process is very easy but why would u make it home ? You must be thinking.
  • Reason i wanted to test what home made fresh soya milk test like.
  • Followed recipe from here:
  • Soak the beans, cook and blend. That’s all.
  • I made mango milk shake with milk and turned out yummy.
  • After getting milk out of soya, left over soya pulp is called “Okara”. And it was very tasty.
  • So i had to use it.  Added some whole wheat flour , salt, red chili powder and chopped green onions.
  • Parathas were very filling.With the side of some fresh mango, it made simple, easy summer dinner.
  • Soya bean is cooling so nice to beat the summer heat.  If you buy store bought stuff then i don’t know it’s value.
  • If you are trying to use soya milk as some remedy then make your own .
  • Enjoy !

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