Yu Choi – Experimenting Asian Greens

IMG_1659 IMG_1660

  • Have you ever been to asian market and looked at selection of greens they have? It’s overwhelming, isn’t it?
  • I started to buy them 1 at a time and try it out. Greens are good but don’t need to just eat spinach.
  • On my recent trip, i bought Yu Choi since it looked so fresh.  It has yellow flowers and they are edible too.
  • Rinse and chop green leaves. You can chop and add stalk too but that will take little longer to cook.
  • I made simple stir fry with it. Heat oil (Olive is good), add chopped garlic. Once garlic turns brown, add chopped greens.
  • Cook for few mins, add salt and that’s it. Done !
  • Since it’s new, have it as a side dish.
  • I didn’t find anything to not like abt it. It’s just like any other greens. No strong flavour.
  • Next time i will add some onion and my indian spices. 🙂
  • Try it out and expand your portfolio of greens.
  • Enjoy !

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