Simple Summer Lunch


  • Do you do any gardening? I planted some and few cute eggplants were ready last week.
  • Eggplants are so easy and quick to cook. Made simple curry with it.
  • Season oil with mustard seeds, hing(optional). Add chopped eggplant and add turmeric powder, red chili powder, cumin-coriander powder and salt.
  • Let it cook for 2-3 mins and add chopped tomatoes. Cook again for few mins until both eggplant , tomatoes are cooked.
  • That’s it. With roti and butter milk or what we call “chhash” made from home made yogurt.
  • Makes a nice, quick and simple lunch.
  • Keep things simple. Be it life, thoughts or meals.
  • Enjoy !

Kodri Pulav


  • If i remember correctly, kodri is called poor man’s rice in gujarat. It probably was much cheaper than rice. Wonder if now a days if anyone uses it.Not much info when i googled it.
  • Seems it’s called Foxtail Millet in english but i am not sure.
  • Tarla Dalal has recipes and some info around it. Here’s the link:  She has kodri recipes as part of diabetic recipes.
  • I bought it at indian store and label says per 100 grams, it has 10.9 grams of protein. It doesn’t say if it’s gluten free or not.
  • You can cook like rice and use as replacement of rice.You can make idly, dosa also with it. Or even upma for breakfast.
  • I just cooked it like rice and added fried vegetables seasoned with cumin seeds, cashew and raisins.
  • It taste just like rice to me and  didn’t find anything different from samo rice.
  • If you find it, try it out !
  • Good for a change !

Food For Jupiter – Astrology Series

IMG_1637 IMG_1672
         Let’s figure out how to increase energy of planet using food. Starting with Jupiter or what we call Guru with guru’s blessings. Todays is also Thursday which is a day of Jupiter according to vedic astrology.My guru keeps telling me to integrate astrology in food knowing my interest in astrology.So here we go.

You will think what’s the connection of food with astrology?Well, Astrology was taught as part of ayurveda in ancient times. And as we know food is a big part of Ayurveda and hence it’s connection with astrology.

  • Jupiter is abt expansion basically like expanding your knowledge, skills, experiences etc and its color is yellow and taste is sweet. It’s a kapha planet in ayurveda.
  • Jupiter is associated with 3rd chakra Manipura in Yoga.
  • In Chinese Medicine, yellow color is associated with element earth and corresponds to spleen and stomach.

 So if you have “low” Jupiter energy, here’s the list of food that will help. You can eat once a week on Thursday or make them part of your diet.

  • Yellow Dal like Chana dal.
  • Saffron
  • All sweet fruits in general and yellow like fresh mango, apricot and avocado too.
  • Yellow vegetables like yellow tomatoes, yellow pepper, yellow squashes,yellow corn.
  • Wheat, barley and oat are good grains to eat since they are sweet.
  • Soak 2-3 almonds overnight. Peel and eat in the morning.

 Picture above is of chana dal with cabbage which is a good option to eat for Thursday dinner.

And i made mango bread last weekend which gave me this idea of starting astrology series.

 Hope you all will enjoy this series ! 


Soya Milk + Okara Paratha

IMG_1673 IMG_1676

  • Have you ever tried to make soya milk at home? Process is very easy but why would u make it home ? You must be thinking.
  • Reason i wanted to test what home made fresh soya milk test like.
  • Followed recipe from here:
  • Soak the beans, cook and blend. That’s all.
  • I made mango milk shake with milk and turned out yummy.
  • After getting milk out of soya, left over soya pulp is called “Okara”. And it was very tasty.
  • So i had to use it.  Added some whole wheat flour , salt, red chili powder and chopped green onions.
  • Parathas were very filling.With the side of some fresh mango, it made simple, easy summer dinner.
  • Soya bean is cooling so nice to beat the summer heat.  If you buy store bought stuff then i don’t know it’s value.
  • If you are trying to use soya milk as some remedy then make your own .
  • Enjoy !

Ayurvedic Tips For Constipation

  • Constipation causes a lot of problems, diseases as we all know. Well, I won’t go in detail.
  • Instead  i like to share few things Ayurveda recommend to help with constipation.
  1. Drink a glass of warm water in the morning. That’s the simplest thing to do. You can microwave your water. Or herbal tea is ok too.
  2. If you need exotic remedy, you can soak dry figs or few raisins into water over night. Clean copper vessel is recommended but if you don’t have one, just use glass bowl. In the morning, drink this water and eat raisin/ figs. Chew it well.
  3. Squate first and then go.
  4. Don’t read in toilet. Our bodies are smart. If you start reading, then it’s gonna think it’s time to read. So focus on the job.
  5. Greens or what we call “Bhaji” is rechak meaning it gives bowl movement. Include spinach and other cooked greens in your diet.
  6. Also cooked okra, green peas are good.  
  7. Eat 1 tsp chia seeds everyday. You can soak in water for 10-20 mins and eat. Last 2 is my own observation.